Consignor Terms & Conditions

Which items can I bring for consignment at Luxeparel?

 We accept bags and accessories for men and women from luxury designer brands and clothes and shoes for women from luxury designer brands. 
All items must be minimum in good condition. Shoes & clothes will only be accepted without any stains, tears or  excessive signs of wear. Clothes have to be washed and steamed. 
Please bring all belonging accessories of the item such as dust bag(s), box, invoice, certificates,… 


What is the procedure for consignment?

You can come to our Boutique on appointment every Friday, or you can contact us for a free pick-up at home. You can also send your items to us. We will authenticate your items and control them on quality standards. After we will set a selling price together on accepted items.  The items will be displayed in our Boutique and will be promoted on our social media or webshop. The items can be used for marketing purposes on photoshoots or events. 

Please notify a time period of 5-10 business days for your items to appear online on our webshop. We don’t guarantee all of your items will be uploaded online, since we choose & select the items best fitting our image & quality standards.

How much will I earn and when will I get paid?

We have the best commission rates in the market!

Items under 500 euro: you will earn 60%
Items above 500 euro: you will earn 70%
Items above 3000 euro: you will earn 80%

When an item gets sold, you will be paid in 30 days after the sale. We will contact you only if you chose for a cash payment in store. 


How long can my items stay for consignment?

Bags & accessories can stay for a period of one year. Shoes & clothes are seasonal and can stay up to a period of 6 maximum months, depending on the date the items are brought in. 
Summer clothes & shoes are accepted in February, March, April and May. All summer clothes and shoes have to be picked up before end of August.
Winter clothes & shoes are accepted in September, October, November. All winter clothes and shoes have to be picked up before end of February. 
All final dates for pick-up will be written on your consignors contract per item. 
Items can not be taken back during the first 30 days of the contract. If this rule is not respected there will be an administrative cost applied per item of 50 euro.
Items that are not taken back after the deadline on the consignors contract, will be considered as property of Luxeparel. After the deadline on the consignors contract the consignor takes distance of any right of payment. 

Seasonal Sales

Clothes and shoes will be going in sales in the months January and July. If your items are not picked up before, the new sales price  will apply automatically, without any further notice. 
Sales prices will have a 30% discount of the original price on your consignors contract. 
You can choose to not participate in our seasonal sales, only if you send us a message to pick up your items before. We will then collect all your items and make them ready to go. 
This means consignors have to pick up before end of June or before end of December to not participate in the seasonal sales.

There will be no seasonal sales on Chanel or Hermès items! 

Bags and accessories can be lowered in price at any moment only on the wish upon the consignor. Please let us know and we will adjust the price.